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The last week has been a blur. I’m able to crank shit out as well as most people for short bursts, but the perfect storm of upcoming holiday and simultaneous work crisis has left me running on zero tolerance, high efficiency mode pretty much nonstop. In short, I’m totally wiped out.

My work situation is a random, not for cause, regulatory inspection of which I have been given 75% of the total responsibility to prepare for. Unlike previous years of getting to leave early on Good Friday, I instead was given the unfortunate reality of having to work frantically up until the last possible moment and then having to come in on Saturday as well. While we are as prepared as we can be for the inspection, the air of tension will not be lifted until we are certain there are no errors and can resume business as usual.

That’s IF nothing goes wrong. If the inspector finds something, then we have to go through a regulatory nightmare, the worst of which could leave us all jobless. I’ve heard too many horror stories to not be concerned. I’m hoping that we’ve prepared all we can for it and done things right, but I won’t know until Friday when all is completed. Right now, all I can do is look at the closed door to the conference room and wait.