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This was a weekend of getting shit done. A year ago, I was still reeling from the tiny life I brought into the world. This year, we’re taking our happy little dude along with us on errands, since we really don’t have a lot of choices. He was relatively tolerant for most of it.

We began Saturday morning with passport photos. It was as challenging as we expected to get his photos taken, since toddlers aren’t very good at sitting still and looking straight ahead. But on the ninth try, we got him centered and “close enough” for rock and roll. Now, we have to schedule an appointment to get his passport documents submitted and he’ll have official, government issued ID and can get on a plane, should we ever decide to travel further than a few hours drive.

Then it was on to the monthly electronics and hazmat disposal that our county conducts. Talk about an easy solution to decluttering! We pull into a school parking lot, and don’t even have to get out of the car. Volunteers unload our aging television, old computer, and expired lawn products into waiting pallets for proper disposal. We saved so much time and effort that we treated ourselves to a little lunch.

I must commend the little guy on a job well done. He was really well behaved at the restaurant, eating his grilled chicken and high fiving the random strangers who passed by. Afterward we went to the play area for a little energy burning before heading home.

He had his nap then, and while he was down, I ran out to the cable distributor to return the obsolete equipment we had, the now-orphaned extra cable box and the old modem, which I replaced with a combination unit. The wait was really short, so I got in and out in record time. Then I stopped off at the eye doctor to pick up the documentation my FSA requested for reimbursement for my new glasses before heading home.

After the little man woke up from his nap, we headed back out to the grocery store and picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. We had a nice meal at home and then crashed for the evening.

Sunday, we met with another realtor, who gave us a better feel for what our options are for getting the house ready for market. Of course, though, our little dude took a few stumbles which produced the cringeworthy howling that accompanies the inevitable falling down that kids do at that age.

After that, I was supposed to have a hand from my sister-in-law, but she was having car trouble. Little man went down for a nap and I sent my husband out for a bit of R&R at the golf course, while I tied up loose ends at home. I also treated myself with a little iPad time. (shh! don’t tell!) Then we went over to the home improvement store and finished the grocery shopping before heading out for a nice dinner. Of course, the little dude wanted to run around, so we had to cut things short. He did really well though, for the most part, and we knew we were pushing his limits with all of our errands. So, all in all, a busy weekend, but still so much left to do.