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Another day, another illness my son has brought home from the daycare center. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like death. I barely made it until 7:00 a.m. before I had to hand off the baby to my husband and crawl back into bed. I slept for hours, not even waking when my husband and son came in to check on me.

The rest of the day was vacillation between nausea, GI upset, hunger, achiness and fever. I ate, when I let my empty stomach get the better of me, and immediately regretted it. I’ve had only liquids since then, and even those have come back to betray me.

So, I’m pretty much useless today. We got another three inches of snow overnight, so I drove to work in ridiculous conditions. Someone drove their car into a retaining pond, so there was a whole line of cars pulled over to help the poor bastard. Other than that, I’ve got nothing of interest to say today. Apologies to my dear readers, I should hopefully be back up and running by Wednesday.