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We’re well past what I would consider the appropriate amount of time to hear about that job I interviewed for in January. I’m thinking it’s safe to assume they’ve chosen another candidate, and actually, I’m okay with it. The past few months have given me a chance to reflect on my current situation and refocus my attention on the things I can actually control.

The first of those things is enjoying the time I have with my family, time which cannot be gotten back, no matter the awesome salary, and potentially more enjoyable job. The second is that I’ve got a pretty good thing going with my current position, and while I bitch about how much I hate my colleagues, the circumstances of the job aren’t that bad. They pay me pretty well, I’ve got a decent amount of flexibility, and the commute is rather awesome. I’ve decided to double down on my current position, since it’s incredibly difficult to be fired, (as demonstrated by the incompetence around me), and do what I want (which is to do things right) and let the chips fall where they may.

The final thing, though, that has become the focus of all my waking attention, is the decline of our neighborhood. We have been living here for almost 10 years now, and the area has really gone downhill. We didn’t care much when it was just us, but the idea of taking my kid outside to be exposed to the just awful neighborhood kids is something I really don’t want to do. These are the types of kids whose parents give them pellet guns and leave them unattended to swim in the pool. They are the kids who pelt our house with their toys and then deny it, when we confront them (even though I just watched them do it).

They are the same kids who will grow up to be the teenagers from the next street over who have stolen our neighbor’s lawnmower, who dash empty vodka bottles in front of our home and who take the parking spaces we just spent an hour digging out in the snow. These are not the caliber of kids I want my kid learning from. They are not frankly the kind of kids even I want to be around. So, we’ve decided to move a bit further south. The move will be difficult, and finding houses online has made my heart sink at the affordable amenities if we could just get rid of the current house. But in the end, it will be worth the extra drive time and expense if we can put ourselves in a better environment for our son.