I know I share this sentiment with most of the eastern seaboard of the US when I say this, but I am so tired of snow. Last fall we did some pretty extensive traveling, most of which was unavoidable, but I burned through my steady reserve of banked vacation time faster than I’ve been able to accrue it.

My husband’s job involves several trips a year as part of his compensation, and this year promises some pretty sweet destinations. But, because of my unplanned absences due to baby’s unpredictable illnesses (par for the course from his daycare) and the records snowfall, I’m running short on time. I had managed to get through one pay period without a day off, but I awoke this morning to find both my work and the baby’s daycare closed.

It’s nice to have the extra family time. But as my son gets bigger (he’s walking now), I’ve come to realize how small my house really feels. Cabin fever has definitely taken its toll. I’m on my own for most of the week, my husband traveling to a regional meeting and leaving me with the baby. I’m trying not to stress, but my son is not what you’d call a good sleeper, so one’s patience does wear thin. It’s going to be a long week.