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Today has not gone well for me emotionally. I’m running on toddler-induced sleep trauma. I think I’ve accumulated exactly three hours of sleep total last night, punctuated by my son’s intermittent crying (actually, more like full on scream/wail) while laying inexplicably face down on the bed of his crib. (I stared at the monitor in confusion most of the night, trying to determine if I was hallucinating, or if he was faking me out, or slowly dying. Spoiler alert: it was none of the above.)

I think he’s teething again (still?), or maybe coming down with a cold, or perhaps devising ways to torment me for his own odd enjoyment (the latter is not likely, because he’s a really sweet kid). I can’t really conjecture as to what’s going on, I can barely string two thoughts together.

So, in lieu of my usual witty posts, I respectfully submit a youtube video that’s making me laugh a little too hard today. Mostly because it’s awesome, but also because my friend and I tend to adopt fake German accents whenever we hang out and this is that.