I’ve been waiting to hear back about this new job I’ve interviewed for, a process which has been dragging on like a bad relationship since last September. I really just want closure, so I can move forward, with them or not. I understand that big institutions like the one where I’m applying have processes to follow, and hiring during the holiday season, is difficult. I’m also told that management positions take a lot longer for hiring, simply due to the careful selection that has to be made to ensure the right candidate is in place.

I had hoped to hear by Martin Luther King day, their anticipated decision date, but the day came and went without any update. Part of me hoped it would be good news, that an offer was forthcoming, and I’d get a phone call from their HR people any day now. Friday came and I come home to find an email sent late from the interviewer. My heart sank, thinking the worst, which was a kind “thanks but no thanks” email. It wasn’t, though. Instead, he wrote that their selection process was delayed by the winter storm. I’m assuming that they had some interviews delayed by the weather (we’ve been hit pretty steadily with ludicrous weather lately), so I grit my teeth and send a reply to thank him for the update.

So, no news, good or bad. I dreamt the other night that they offered me the job, and I took it without questioning salary or hours or even if I had an office. A friend emailed me that he dreamt that I told him I got the job too, so maybe the universe is trying to manifest this for me yet. I just don’t know. Coping with the uncertainty in this prospect is a constant ringing in my ear, which gets louder and more intolerable in the quiet moments where I have nothing else to think about. I feel that, no matter what, I will be making a change before 2014 is out.

But, at least I’m doing things the right way, sending formal resumes and applications, attending interviews and sending myself out in the prescribed method. I saw the following re-tweet on twitter the other day, and it made me shake my head.

i am in dire need of a job. i love sports and entertainment. i studied marketing in college. can you please RT this. thanks

If this is what I’m up against in the job market, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be hired, like yesterday.