If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may recall a few months ago, I begged the universe to intervene on my crappy job situation. True to form, a few days later, a job posting came in on a listserv that I subscribe to which seemed to be a response to my universal query. This was back in September.


I took my resume down from my LinkedIn profile and gave it an overhaul, updating my job description to be more current, adding key points from the job posting to make me seem like the viable candidate I knew I could be. With breath held, I submitted for the position, which would be further away from home (I’d need to take a train into the city), but the position would be management, something I’ve always wanted to do.

Not long after, I got an automated response that my resume and application had been received and I would hear back shortly. Then, for a long time, I heard nothing. Almost a month later, I receive an email with some further information about the position (salary and benefit structure) and an apology for the delay.

dolla bills

They said that they would be leaving the posting up for another few weeks as they wished to post for candidates at the upcoming industry conference (in November). I emailed back, thanking them for the courtesy of the response, indicated that I was indeed still interested.

Sure enough, after we returned from the conference, I received an email about times for a phone interview. This happened in the first week of December. I thought the interview went pretty well, in spite of our connection being lost halfway through and having to call back. In spite of that tidbit of embarrassment, I moved on to the next round of in-person interviews.

It was a frigid day, following a nasty ice storm that made the roadways a major mess, that I drove to the interview, nervous and freezing. I decided to leave my jacket in the car, not realizing the temperature dropped about 30 degrees since I left the house.


The interview went well, or so I thought, and left cautiously hopeful. After all, they were interviewing a lot of candidates (as well as people who were internal, looking to move up into the position). I honestly had no idea what my chances are, but anticipate having a decision made by Martin Luther King day. So to recap, this position, and process has been ongoing since late September, will take nearly 4 months to finally resolve. Please stand by for closure.