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Tis the season for illnesses! My son is apparently no exception. A few days before the holiday, I noticed he was a bit warm and crankier than usual. I began to grow a bit concerned that he might be coming down with something. It had been a while since he had a cold, but with the influx of new kids at daycare (his class added three new babies in the last few months) and with the holiday travel bringing new germs into our lives, it was really only a matter of time before we all came down with something.

Sure enough, within a few hours, he was congested, burning up with fever and coughing like crazy. We finally got him to bed but he woke up a few hours later whimpering steadily louder into a full wail. I went to give him some more medicine and felt finally how shaky and weak he felt. His fever shot up to 101.7, which was not emergency room-worthy, but still alarming. I held him close to me, feeling his little heart beating wildly and his muscles spasming.

He wouldn’t take much pedialyte or water, so I clutched him to me and tried to soothe him. I did something then that I never do: I prayed. I begged the higher power that I cannot feel, see or touch, to heal my son, to ease his suffering, or at least to move the illness that was ravaging him to me instead. I asked again and again, quietly whispering over his quaking body for it to be me instead.

Soon, he fell asleep, but woke again every few hours, in a similar state. The next few days were much of the same. Finally, after the holiday, my husband spending his down week with him while the daycare was closed, found his unsoothable daytime crankiness too much. He managed to get him a same day appointment with the pediatrician, who verified an ear infection and “crud” in his lungs (I know, it’s a technical term). He was prescribed antibiotics and a nebulizer treatment for ten days.

Although I wish it was not so involved to treat, I’m glad we got closure on what was wrong, and it wasn’t just him evolving into a terror that could not be soothed or contained. I guess there’s still time, but the next ten days will be waiting out this infection and hoping that the higher power and modern medicine heal this little man back into his usual cheerful self.