So, each year I make a list of stuff I want to do, and at the end of the year, I go back and address each one. At that point, I either pat myself or curl up into a ball of self loathing. Or both, because that’s how I roll (get it, by curling up into a ball? eh? yeah!)…

Here’s the crap I resolved to do last year:

  1. Go horseback riding – I came really close to this one. I bought a Living Social coupon for a private lesson, called the lady to set up the appointment and when I finally heard back, she had a business crisis and needed to cancel. She promised to call back and reschedule, but I never heard back. A few months later, I see her up on Living Social again, but decide against buying another. I may call her up to see if she can accommodate me, but her new location is much further away than her previous one. I might find another option for this because I really really want to go horseback riding. Overall grade: partial credit, but incomplete.
  2. Make bread: I can pat myself on the back for this one because I’ve been trying to make more bread. I did get a breadmaker for Christmas last year, so that’s been helpful. Honestly, though, the breadmaker makes an already lengthy process that much more difficult, so I’ve been doing most of it by hand. I’ve come to realize that hand-kneading dough is fun and all, but if I want to get serious, I need a stand mixer and a real food processor. But, equipment difficulty aside, I’ve been doing pretty well at making bread and I need to step up my game and do it more frequently. Overall grade: B-, good, not great.
  3. Write every day: As most of you are aware, we moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday format not long after my son was born. I simply don’t have time to commit to writing every day. However, I do try to get something written or at least catch myself up to a few posts when I get inspired. I’m hoping to step this up more in the future, but for now I’m satisfied with writing on my set schedule and my commitment to the blog. I am trying to finish this perpetually depressing novel I began nearly ten years ago, so hopefully we’ll be able to get that done by year’s end. Overall grade: C+, showing improvement
  4. Get Maryland Blue Crabs: Okay, I hate to admit that I failed on this one. It was nearly impossible to get this accomplished however. In defense of the delicious crabs, they had a pretty bad year, at least according to our supplier. Each email that I got from them this season lamented poor quality and quantity due to weather changes. I did have them in crab soup format, however, but it wasn’t quite the same. Next year, we will get our taste, I’m hoping, if the season improves. Overall grade: D-, you can do better. (Yes, I can!)
  5. Golf ocean front: Well, this one was a bit ambitious, because I think I golfed all of four times this summer. My post-baby life has really been difficult for me to carve out 4 hours for golfing. I did get a nice weekend at an ocean front resort, courtesy of my husband’s lengthy travel schedule. And I did get to golf. But I didn’t get to golf ocean front as much as I’d like. Overall grade: F (See me after class)
  6. Take vitamins every day: Another one where I fell well short of my goal I did take my pre-natal vitamins all the way through my pregnancy, and I absolutely tried to take them while we attempted to nurse my son. However, like showering and brushing my teeth, doing anything for myself in those early days became a novelty and luxury. I have since learned that I do not really need to take them, unless I get pregnant again. If we do get pregnant again, I’ll be back on the wagon. But for now, I try to get my nutrition from food. Overall grade: incomplete – remove for next year’s resolutions
  7. Lose 15 pounds: I get an A+ for this one. I’ve been very good about going to the gym, and lost all my baby weight plus another 10-12 lbs depending on the day. Yay me! Overall grade: A+, Well done!
  8. Do some work around the house: Here’s another resolution we managed to keep. I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted, but we did get a new (larger) bed, a new bedroom suite, and got rid of some of the crap we’d been accumulating. In the new year, we’ll do some minor painting, and hopefully add some more functional furniture to replace some outdated pieces. Overall grade: A-
  9. Take a class: I had signed up for some online classes this year, but dropped the ball when my son arrived. I had such ambition to try to take a class, but there was simply no time. I did attend my annual conference, but there was hardly anything really new there. I’ll probably take this out of the running for next year’s resolutions, since I’ve got some other ideas on the horizons. Overall grade: incomplete
  10. Be Happy!! I wish I could report that I’m 100% on this one, but it’s just not so. Although, I am happier than I’ve ever been, and having my son in my life and enjoying the experience of a new family has been just amazing. I will say, that every happy moment I have is tinged with sadness because I’m just that much more aware of my own family’s failings. I work every day toward this goal, and each day is a struggle. I’m making progress. Overall grade: B+