I leave on Wednesday for the annual conference for my industry. This year, they opted to have it earlier, which I’m sort of glad about. It’s one less commitment in December that I’m stuck with, so that’s nice. However, because it’s so much earlier, I’m totally unprepared and not ready to leave my family alone for four days.

Last year, because I was so far along in my pregnancy, my doctor wouldn’t clear me to travel. I missed out on the more luxurious locale of San Diego, but I was totally okay with not having to take my bloated behind on a plane. Instead, I sat at home, and did the conference over the computer in my pajamas, and drank chocolate milkshakes and ate take out burritos. It was a very nice way to do it, if you ask me. I wish more conferences were this way.

However, this year, will be the opposite. Instead of sunny California, I get frigid New England. Instead of milkshakes and pajamas, I have to dress up and eat catered food, which I’m notorious for not caring for. Instead of cuddling on the couch with my cats (and now son), I get to pretend I like the people I loathe at work and be forced to socialize with them.

Fortunately, I’m trying to set up time to see people I actually like while I’m there. I’m glad to report that I’m seeing family (the non-crazy kind) which makes me quite happy. I’m also packing a few books that I picked up and hopefully will catch up on some reading or at least delve into something that doesn’t totally suck.