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When my father-in-law was hiking the Appalachian Trail, he would be forced to occasionally take what are known as “zero days.” Zero days are days when, due to conditions or need for recovery, one goes zero miles. They are built into the hiking schedule, because endeavors like these require a buffer. You can’t have optimal conditions all the time, after all.

Over the weekend, I began feeling some dull aching and general ickiness in my gut. I had a rough night Saturday and the weekend rounded off with me sleeping away a good chunk of Sunday. I had hoped that I’d put the worst behind me, but my son’s inability to sleep through the night and a particularly nasty phone call from my father begged to differ.

I made it until about 10:00 a.m. before I needed to go home sick. So I’m at home, taking a zero day. I can’t even really accomplish much other than reading and playing games because I can’t carry or move anything heavy. I am hoping whatever mystery illness I’ve acquired will resolve itself soon.