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I recently was given some money as a gift. It was nice, and a little unexpected in its amount, so I decided to do something nice for myself and upgrade my sadly declining handbag. I entrusted my good friend who knows all things luxury to helping me pick out a designer bag that suited my needs but also was stylish enough to make me feel special.

The store didn’t have any in stock, and considering the number of snatch & grab thefts I’ve seen on the news lately, carrying a designer bag through the mall didn’t seem like a good idea at the time. The lady at the store offered to ship it to my home for free, and gave me a discount on the purchase for having to wait for it. I saved so much, I was able to buy a matching wallet without going over my budget.

Considering my husband works from home at least two days a week, I felt confident that he’d be able to sign for the package. Due to the store’s procedures, someone had to be home to sign for it. I got home a few days later to find a gorgeous bag, all gift wrapped and waiting for me. It was perfect.

Almost. They forgot to send the wallet.

So I called back and got the tracking number for a separate item which was to be delivered. However, we kept missing the truck. Finally, I got a “final notice” which usually means I can go to the UPS center near my job and pick it up. But, the bad news sunk in my belly when I went online to track the package to the center.

Apparently, they had tried to deliver it to another address, which was subsequently refused (my neighbors are SO awesome like that) and the item was not being sent to the distribution center. Refused items are, as I found out, returned to the seller. Refunds in this scenario are questionable.

I was raging! I called customer service immediately, and was give a bit of an attitude from the woman on the phone, as if I was the one refusing the item. How could I refuse it if I wasn’t home? The evidence was also in my favor because I had another “final notice” tag on my door from the same day.

Fortunately, UPS was able to intercept the package en route to Florida where it would have been lost forever. They were able to route it back to my distribution center, and over lunch on Monday, I finally was able to pick it up.

Then I get a phone call Tuesday from the store, asking me if I still loved my wallet as much as I did the day I bought it. I laughed at the voicemail message, and am considering giving them a call to let them know exactly how much I “enjoyed” this process. Hmm…