My work day is feast or famine. Some days, I’m so swamped, I barely have a free minute to keep up on the web’s doings as they be transpiring. However, when I have downtime, I am the Cthulhu of web consumption. One of the best places for me to sink time is into the cheezburger network, where boundless photographs of cats are captioned with grammatically incorrect, yet hilarious phrasing for maximum awesome.

The other day, a friend of mine from work send me an image of some of the “great place to work” celebration swag he’d received for his department. Naturally, being the silly person he is, he was quick to deface it in proper internet fashion. A little photoshop later and it was ready for internet fame. It wasn’t until I got the note from the cheezburger network that our “lol” had made the homepage that I about peed myself with glee. Ladies and Gentlemen, we just won the internets.

The caption on her belly reads “A Great Place to Twerk” and the comment we included was: “Our employer gave out these as a reminder of our great place to work. Naturally, Miley Cyrus has ruined everything forever.”