I guess I’ve watched too many TV shows and movies about time travel, because I secretly imagine in my mind what it would be like to do it. I’ve always enjoyed the idea, movies like Back to the Future and the less science fiction-y, yet still genre-valid Hot Tub Time Machine. I have committed many senseless facts to memory in the hopes that somehow, if I am inexplicably transported back in time, I’ll have something from the future to show for it.

It’s not likely that many of my skills would be valid. For example, no one in the Middle Ages really cares how awesome I am at playing Mario or how fast I can quote the Simpsons. However, perhaps my ability to read and write would be helpful. Although, I don’t speak Latin, and my English is limited to the nuances of the 21st Century. I wonder if anything I know would have been helpful to my survival should I be transported back in time.

It’s more likely that I’d be burned at the stake for witchcraft for talking funny, or unintentionally calling the Pope a douchebag or something. I’m certain that the brutes of the age would no doubt take my glasses from me, rendering me blind, and put me to death for daring to wear pants. But maybe, just maybe, I’d luck out and end up in a position to change the course of human history. If nothing else, I’d go grafitti the crap out of some caves in France or something. And for centuries, historians would baffle at the cryptic remarks scrawled by some unknown person who wrote “Justin Bieber sux!” and “I can has cheezburger!” all over the place.