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The Labor Day weekend is almost over and I’m sad to see it go. We had so much fun this weekend, but also got so much accomplished. The most impressive for me was getting a batch of wine bottled. Since earlier this year, we’ve been drinking more wine and our supply has really depleted.

After our trip to Europe, we came home with a newfound love for Spanish wines and set out to make some. The kit we purchased was a Tempranillo, a dry red wine, which I’ve just finished bottling. Each kit runs anywhere from $120-150 and produces about 30 bottles. I ended up with about 32 with this kit and the early samples are very promising.

Making wine at home is relatively easy, compared to making beer. With a baby in the house, it’s harder to find time to commit to a brew day, so we’ve been sticking with wine. Hopefully we’ll be able to make beer as well and get to using our kegerator again.

But for now I’m pretty satisfied that I’m still fit enough to bottle a whole kit of wine by myself. Restocking the cellar with this year’s vintage will go a long way to keep us from paying retail. Cheers!