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As I’ve posted previously, I’m emotionally exhausted with my current position at work. The only person I could really relate to in any sane way is leaving today, and though I am sad to see her go, I truly wish her well. The truth is that she was way overqualified for her position, and my boss’ refusal to manage the antagonists in our department caused her to resign in disgust.

Since she gave notice, I had been trying to find a few minutes of time to meet with my boss to express my own feelings about the situation. I wanted to have a few minutes of his time to convey that I can’t take on the things that she was handling. But mostly, I wanted to tell him that he was going to have to find some other sucker because I’m ready to walk myself.

He actively avoided me for almost two weeks before I managed to get 30 minutes on his calendar. It was for something different, but I was going to cram this rehearsed speech into our time, come hell or high water. As the day went on, he disappeared a few hours before our meeting, promising to be back.

He did return, but not until 15 minutes into our 30 minute meeting, carrying his lunch. He waxed poetic for the next ten minutes about the topic at hand, sandwiching in bites of his lunch and criticism about some unrelated task (I’m doing “too much” work to this particular item, making the others look bad). By the time I was able to get a word in, I squeaked out the first two sentences from my speech before he cut me off halfway through the second.

Dismissively, he announced that my colleague’s departure was a “temporary situation” and not to worry about it. By then, my next meeting was going to begin and I had to go. I left feeling more disgusted than when I began the day. I realized that someone who behaves like this doesn’t deserve the dignity of understanding why I’m ready to leave. I’ll simply find something else and move on.