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It’s been a while since I posted about work stuff. I’d like to think that’s because there was a short stint in my life when it didn’t completely suck, but it’s likely I just didn’t notice because I was so sleep deprived and barely keeping my head above water. However, like tigers and their spots, the horrible excuses for humanity that I work with simply can’t help but be what they are.

Just a few months before I had my son, I was still hauling heavy carts full of my colleagues’ work a quarter of a mile in questionable weather to file it away in the shady basement area of a remote corner of the hospital. It was needlessly treacherous for a pregnant lady to do, and clearly demonstrated how selfish the people were in my office.

So we hired a new person to handle this and a bunch of other items that I was handling but weren’t part of my job. She was awesome, possessing the unflappably positive attitude and self-starter initiative that a successful candidate would need. As I trained her, I tried my best to keep my personal opinions about the other people we worked with to myself, leaving her the option to make up her own mind. My colleagues didn’t take long to demonstrate their true character for her, and her opinion was unfortunately formed to be not too different from mine.

It was not long before she let me know that she’d be leaving, having found better prospects elsewhere within the organization. I wasn’t surprised, just sad to be losing a great member of our team so soon. Of course, I’m happy that she found something better too. But her decision to leave reflects poorly on our department and has forced me to seriously consider if it’s time for me to move on as well.