When I had my first full time job, it was that magical time in my twenties when I had minimal financial obligations and a steady paycheck coming in. For the first time in my life, I could afford pretty much to do what I pleased. I was living comfortably, and it was magic.

After the glitter and glam of my first grown-up gig wore off, I began to need me time. I took the occasional vacation day to have time to myself. I still do them from time to time, and they do my mental health a world of good.

One of my favorite routines for a weekday off was to get a breakfast bagel sandwich from the local bagel shop and then go wash my car at the automatic carwash. I was incredibly proud of my first new car, another luxury I could afford due to the steady paycheck.

The carwash is a fun experience, completely covered but totally dry in rainbow colored foam, while you get a water show. The more expensive ones cost you maybe like $12 or $15, but for the kid who still likes pretty colors and has about 20 minutes to kill while eating a pork roll, egg and cheese everything bagel, it’s ideal.

I haven’t gone to the carwash in a while, mostly due to the rainy summer we’ve had. I’m hesitant to take the baby through yet. Taking the baby through the carwash is a gamble, but definitely a make or break moment. If it goes well, it’s an enjoyable experience of color, sounds and textures at a safe distance. If it goes badly, though, you’re trapped in your car with a screaming infant while a giant robot machine pelts your car with water, strange attachments and scary noises in the dark.

It’s the lady or the tiger, really. But, to be adventurous, one must accept that there is the risk things can go wrong. Learning to adapt is one of the more challenging things my son is “teaching” me these days. Every time I turn around, he’s made another cognitive leap and I’m scrambling to catch up. So, we’ll see, I suppose. Maybe we’ll try it when he gets a bit older.