The ship left the Italian coastline and crossed the sea back to Spain as we neared the end of our journey. I didn’t realize they were required to, but apparently all cruises must have at least one day at sea. Since we couldn’t get off the ship, we decided to have a lazy day and schedule a massage at the spa.

We slept in and had a late lunch at the buffet, which I hadn’t even realized until then had a whole other side with different options. I stumbled on it by accident going off in search of guava juice. (Side note: as tasty as it was, I’m 95% certain that the guava juice was just Tang.)

Our couples’ massage was scheduled for mid-afternoon. The spa was on the top floor of the ship. The ships undulations were even more palpable the higher we were from the water. It was impossible to walk down the hallways without bumping into things.

We changed into our robes and went to the reception area to wait for our masseuses. There was one masseuse whose appointment must have been running late, because he kept checking for her but she wasn’t there. He stormed away the third time, clutching the paper rose in this hand woefully.

Our massage was awesome, the therapists really worked us over and we felt just amazing. We had intended on going to the gym afterward to work out, but the massage therapists advised against it. So, instead we went back to the room for a nap before dinner.