We awoke early for our daily excursion. This morning we were taking it easy, opting for a nice leisurely beach transfer in Alghero, Italy. The day began with another shuttle boat transfer to the dock where our tour guide was waiting. We hopped on the bus and rode through the relatively modern looking town.

The tour guide prattled on in broken English how the island made a living harvesting coral, which I had always thought was a bad thing. I didn’t really question it, because I wasn’t in the mood to argue, and if the Italians really want to damage the oceans that badly, I’m certainly not going to stop them.

Arriving at the beach, the tour guide was able to negotiate a lower chair rental rate for us. We set up and began to relax when we were inundated by vendors walking up to us with various types of crap they were selling. I’ve never seen such a blatant disrespect for personal space and the word “no.” The vendor would walk up to you, place their wares in front of you and refuse to move until you said “No!” at least three times. Three minutes later another would show up. Then another. Then another. This went on all day.

Eventually, we decided to feign sleepiness, and lay face down, but the vendors would simply walk in between the rows of chairs talking to no one about “Good Price!” and “You like? You want?” It was infuriating.

The beach was lovely though, albeit a bit chilly. The water was a gorgeous shade of clear dark blue. Though, it was too cold for me to actually venture in. I did enjoy the view, except for all the “pop up ads.”

For lunch, my husband brought us delicious homemade pizza from the snack shop, washing it down with some yummy German hefeweizen. Soon it was time to board the bus back to the ship. Along the way, we passed nearly a dozen other beaches all containing the same vendors. I wondered if any of them made any money because no one was buying from our group.