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We think the baby has colic. I should be more clear: the remaining firing brainstem thinks the baby has colic. There’s a theory that colic is caused by an imbalance of bacteria I baby’s belly. At the moment he’s on an antibiotic for the sinus infection that picked up at daycare.

Twice now, he’s gone from easy, happy baby to inconsolable at the drop of the hat. Normally, he can be calmed with some attention to the obvious diaper change, hunger pang or gas. These last earth shattering incidents, however, could not be assuaged.

Both time we’ve had to swaddle him and let him sleep it off. We sit rocking him endlessly in the glider rocker. I lay him across my chest, taking slow deep breathes in the hopes that the rhythm would soothe him. It’s taking longer and longer to calm him. I’m afraid that it will get to the point where nothing works anymore.