I’ve been nothing but cautious when venturing out of the house with my little one. I don’t like to push him into dealing with the potentially dangerous, but nonetheless irritating dregs of society until he absolutely has to. So, it was a bit out of our normal routine to have a nice family breakfast at the IHOP with the in laws who were so sweet to stay up with our son all night.

The meal was awesome, filling and possibly the first I’ve had in a while where I could use both hands. My son was an angel, sleeping the whole time, and awoke only at the end to have a bottle. We paid the check and were on our way. Or so we thought.

As we were loading him into the back seat, the car suddenly jerked hard as an ignorant blue hair old lady backed straight into us. I ran around to see and there she sat, just looking at me. I began to shout to her that she hit my car, but she wouldn’t respond. She then began to take off, but by then my husband had photographed her license plate. My mother in law actually threw herself on the hood of the car because the woman wouldn’t stop trying to slowly flee the scene.

We ended up calling the police who took their sweet time getting there. In the meantime, we found out that the woman was driving her sister’s car. Her sister’s insurance agent stopped by the scene, but turned out to be one of my husband’s colleagues. The damage was minimal, and normally wouldn’t be something I’d even waste my time getting fixed. What made me decide to dig in my heels and get repair work done was the fact that she tried to flee the scene and was absolutely nasty when we finally got her to stop the car.

So tomorrow I have to take the car in for three days worth of repair work. I have to procure a rental car and also get all my regularly scheduled stuff accomplished as well. All of this nonsense could have been avoided if the lady had just stopped, gotten out and apologized. The simple act of acknowledging Inez’s faults would have gone a long way here.