It’s hard to believe, but my son is six weeks old today. He continues to amaze me with each passing day. He’s holding his head up more and more. He’s learning to use his hands to interact with the toys we present him. His favorite is a super soft stuffed bunny, which elicits such joyous squeals of delight, that your heart just melts to hear it.

Best of all is the cuddles. He’s learning how to curl up on my shoulder and bury his head in my neck. He gives his version of what we think are kisses, mushing his open mouth across the cheek. We’re figuring out each other’s rhythm and there’s something quite awesome about that.

It’s remarkable that just two months ago, this tiny person was inside me, an unknown entity that frankly scared the crap out of me. Although I’m still scared of being a parent, each day gets a little better. Seeing his constant growth and progress gives me the confidence that I’m doing something right.