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Becoming a parent has really taken its toll. Beyond the usual stuff, the feedings, diaper changes and sleep deprivation, I’m losing my routine right down to the most rudimentary of things. Days will go by where I won’t leave the house or have a chance to bathe. If I get a hot meal and the time to brush my teeth, I’m ahead of the game.

The opportunities to do more frivolous things like return phone calls, get the mail or update my blog are dwindling as my son’s activity level increases. Even as I type this late post, I’m balancing him in one arm, and trying to scoop luke warm macaroni and cheese in my mouth before the cats try to take it from me. It’s not exactly the glamorous life I had envisioned for myself. It’s becoming clear that some thing(s) will have to give.

This week is a particularly challenging one, as my husband is travelling for work, not returning until Thursday evening. I’m growing steadily more concerned about doing this on my own. So, I ask for your patience, dear readers. I’m doing my best to keep my head above water.