I honestly don’t know how some parents manage when their children are small. With my husband back to work, the coverage I had during the first two weeks has been cut back. I’ve learned really fast that this isn’t something I can handle on my own, since my son hasn’t yet gotten into a good sleep schedule.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends. Knowing that I can trust them with my son has given me the chance to catch up on a few hours of sleep has been a huge help. Even though I’m still exhausted, my awesome friends have been able to give me a break and I’m eternally grateful.

Fortunately, my son is an incredibly well-behaved baby. He hardly fusses, except when expected. He’s been battling some congestion, so he does need to be held upright more frequently. That’s been the real challenge, because it’s difficult to keep him in a comfortable position. I’m hoping it resolves in the coming weeks, so we can put him down to sleep, but only time will tell.