After the epic failure of trying to take my son for an overnight, I’m considerably more gun-shy about taking him out of the house. Coupled with the fact that I’m on a very limited daytime schedule and the wildly variable February weather, I haven’t left the house since we got back from the beach.

I don’t even really think about it most of the time. Most of my day’s focus is spent worrying about my son. Still when I think about it, if given the opportunity to sleep or go out, I’d rather catch up on sleep. Beyond wanting sleep more than anything, after driving back in a sleep deprived state, I’m genuinely scared to get behind the wheel if I’m operating in a sleep deficit.

I’ve learned that much can still be accomplished being a shut in. For example, my awesome friends have been great about bringing me food. I’ve also discovered scheduled food delivery from one of the local pizza places so I can order in if I want.

Still, I do miss out on things like sunshine and unseasonably warm weather. I also miss interacting with humanity from time to time. But, with the baby consuming so much of my attention, personal sacrifices must be made.