A few weeks ago, I had a very different barometer for love. It bottomed out with the tainted sort of dysfunctional love that my family used as a method of control. It topped out with the genuine, tear- jerking selfless affection that I received from my amazing husband. Having him in my life is one of those “can’t believe I could be that lucky” scenarios.

During my pregnancy, his character has never been more on display. He did so much to help me, physically and emotionally, I knew that I had one of the good ones. I was also completely reassured that he would be a fantastic father, and our marriage would be strengthened by having our son.

That said, in the few short days since my son was born, my whole world has shifted. Like so many other moms before me, the moment I held him in my arms for the first time, my understanding of love has grown astronomically. I never thought I could be capable or worthy of such an experience. So, on this Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to send flowers or chocolates. I’ve already received a far better gift, that of the sweet love of my newly formed family.