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I’m well into the late stage of my pregnancy. I’m practically ready to burst at any moment, which has its own set of discomforts and problems. These are all to be expected, however. I’ve heard enough from the women I know who’ve been there, as they’re more than happy to share all the gory details.

What I didn’t expect were the nearly exasperated looks from the people I see on a daily basis, as though I’m somehow letting them down by not having my kid yet. I’ve gotten a few comments, which run the gambit of disappointed to near outrage that I’m haven’t pumped out a baby yet. The reaction is almost as though I’m doing it on purpose, which I find hilarious.

If anything, I’d love to have control over when my baby comes out. Frankly, I’d rather he come sooner rather than later, because the discomfort I’m feeling 95% of the time is really beginning to wear on me. Beyond that, I’m anxious to get started with this whole mommy business, and the anticipation of having the little one is taking its toll on my sanity. I’d rather just rip the band-aid off and get on with it already.

But when people give me that, “oh you’re still pregnant” look, I want to punch them in the face. Believe me, no one wants to move this along more than me.