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I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food. I like to order the same thing most of the time. Once I find a place that can replicate with little to no variation or error, I’m usually set. Sometimes, I’ll try something new, or have various back up options depending on my mood, but mostly I stick with what I know will be good.

There’s a salad place near my job that I’ve been getting lunch at for at least the last six years or so. They’ve been pretty consistent, so I go there on a pretty regular basis, at least once a month. However, they’ve gotten some new staff and since they added online ordering, things have hit a few glitches. Normally, I’ll cut a fair amount of slack when it comes to stuff like that, but things have gotten pretty disappointing.

The first thing that happened was when I was placing a “make your own” salad order and noticed that instead of regular mushrooms, I now had the option for the more delicious portobello kind. Imagine my surprise to find that when I went to pick it up that it was just the regular button kind. Totally a let down, but I chalked it up to their website’s failure to pull down the option.

Then, I had a group luncheon where we all ordered our salad from the same place, only to find that the greens in mine were mixed with some less than savory leaves. Upon further inspection, about half of my greenery was covered in the gross slime that was certainly not appetizing, let alone edible. I managed to pick around it, and eat most of the salad, but if I had ordered alone, I would not have accepted it. Only because I was in a social context did I even bother to eat it, as it would have been too awkward to kick it back.

Finally, the last straw came when I placed my last online order. I had thought I selected the correct location when I put the order in. A few minutes later, a woman called my cell phone to confirm that I was ordering from the location at the mall, which I had not intended. I explained that I made an error and she told me that it was no problem, she would forward the order to the correct restaurant. Not long after that I got a confirmation email that the order was received from the right location.

When I went to pick it up, the order had apparently not been received. The manager (who was not the nice lady I normally worked with, but instead some hulking lummox who kept walking away from the counter like he couldn’t possibly figure out what to do next) was no help. Another staffer came up and told me that they didn’t have it. Rather than simply find out what the order was and remake it at the moment, she decided to argue with me about whether I had put the order in at all.

After being hassled and realizing that they weren’t going to do the obvious thing, and just make the damn salad, I said just to forget it. I walked out without the salad and went somewhere else for a different food option. It was so bizarre for them to argue with me rather than simply say, “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have the order. What did you want? I’ll remake it for you right now.” I’ve worked retail and food service before. Frankly, the situation could have been remediated so easily, but they just wanted to argue with me.

I won’t be back to that location, but I did go to another location near my house the other day without too much issue. Although the server who helped me was just fine, his colleagues were not very helpful. While he was making my salad, he asked a colleague to grab the roll for me. She ignored his request three times, and only when he went to put it together did she come up to the front, mouth full of food. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to patronize them, which sucks because I actually really like the food. I just feel like there’s no motivation to do anything right by the customer and I’d rather not give anyone my money if they’re going to act that way.