I knew the job market was tough, but you know it sucks when even Ninjas are having a tough time finding work. You’d figure that the ninjas would be among the most resourceful breeds out there. If they’re having trouble finding work, what hope is there for any of us.

According to this article I read, their super awesome skill set has been supplanted by guns and the internet. I tend to take some issue with that, because there’s just some stuff that guns and the internet can’t accomplish, but I can see how their market is dwindling.

So, perhaps as readers, we can run a similar campaign to save the Ninja as we would an endangered species. Instead of getting a cute plushy animal like you’d get for adopting a river otter or penguin, you’d get nothing, because the ninja is invisible. But, the next time you need to hire an assassin, consider using a ninja to preserve the age old tradition, and help these guys out. They’re far too cool to go the way of the dodo.