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I’d been toying with the idea of closing my Facebook account for a while now. The content posted by the people on my newsfeed was increasingly annoying, with little to no worthwhile items to speak of. Occasionally, I got to enjoy some nice photos of my friends’ kids and such. But mostly, it’s crap.

I had endured the election nonsense, the rantings from both sides, hoping that after the whole thing was decided, perhaps we could move on. Things did die down for a while, but then the mass shootings began to worry the gun-toting friends I had on my list and the increasingly obnoxious posts about the 2nd amendment began to wear on me.

(For the record, I have my own opinions on guns and the kinds of people who own them. Most of the folks who do, do so responsibly, and you’ll probably never see them bragging about it on Facebook. It’s the “nuttier” ones who worry me, and those are the people, who probably shouldn’t be trusted with any kind of weapon or sharp object, if you ask me.)

But beyond that, there were other obnoxious people: the perpetual band invite guy (who seems to fail to understand that I don’t live anywhere near these venues, nor would I want to be out at 11:00 on a Wednesday to watch him do open mic), the tragic whiner (who was a terrible bully to me in our younger years and whose posts about her pathetic life were a small slice of heavenly schadenfreude), and the occupy wall-street anarchist (who hated cops, refused to pay rent – getting evicted by his “fascist” landlord – and was constantly begging for rides and/or work – which I doubt he’d even show up to). Plus the constant advertising was becoming incredibly annoying.

I’d just about had enough of that nonsense when my husband texted me from the grocery store. His less-than-tech-savvy aunt had posted about the baby right on his very public wall. We had asked everyone to keep this information off of Facebook, but her ineptitude of the way the system worked, she failed to reply to a direct message and instead put the damn thing out there for the world to see. With that, I’d reached my limit. I logged in and deleted the message for him and decided I was done. I deactivated my account right after that.

It was weird for the first day or two. My compulsive web clicking now had one less thing to do. I doubt people will really notice I’m gone, since I hardly ever post anything anymore. For me, I think it was best for me to simply withdraw from it. It’s one less way for people to reach me, for sure. But I figure the people who want to contact me, will find a way to do so, via email or whatever. And, in the end, I’m able to avoid the idiocy of humanity that does nothing but boil my blood.