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I am entering the late stages of my pregnancy. I’m at that point where I am losing my ability to think or behave rationally. The growth in my belly has taken over my mind, not unlike a parasite finally dominating its host. The results of which have lead to such prolonged and enduring discomfort that even the slightest provocation can set off a cranky-pants full-on temper tantrum.

It doesn’t help that I picked up a cold, which has been working its way through my sinuses for the last two weeks. The inability to get comfortable due to the baby, plus the added difficulty of roaming congestion, drainage and inability to breathe have pushed me to my absolute limit. I remember being this sick early last year before I found out I was pregnant. I’d had a sinus infection, resulting from the illness I’d acquired the last few days of our vacation in Mexico, which resulted in partial deafness for nearly a month.

I came home from the day’s adventure to realize that my ankles had swollen up and were no longer recognizable. The addition of cankles to my already difficult predicament left me very much between a rock and a hard place. In order to sleep, I’d have to prop myself up to breathe, all while laying on my left side for the baby and keeping my feel elevated to help my ankle swelling to go down. It was like a cruel version of Twister that only I was allowed to play.

Needless to say, the night did not go well. Around 1:00 a.m., my husband woke me to let me know I’d been snoring. (I’ve asked him to do this to ensure I don’t experience any sleep apnea and hurt the baby.) By then, my ability to take all this nonsense in good humor had completely diminished and I went into a full meltdown, sobbing and snotting all over myself in the night.

Thankfully, my poor sweet husband has taken all this with the patience of a saint, and held me until I got my shit together. He got me set up on the reclining part of the couch with a ton of pillows to keep me from moving too much. Eventually, I got some sleep, but that next morning, as I got ready for work, I felt like the walking dead.

I’m honestly worried, having hoped this congestion would have resolved by now. I’m not sure how much more I can take, as I’ve got a few more weeks to go before the baby comes. I’m going to try the pharmacy this evening, but they have been incredibly reluctant to sell me anything for past ailments. I’m hoping to get something that will help me rest because if I don’t want to go through labor with this still bothering me.