For about the last year or so, I’ve been stopping by this lovely artisan cheese shop near the home brew store. It’s been a great experience shopping there. I get to try out the neat cheeses, and learn a bit about them from the lovely women who worked there.

I’d always leave with at least four or five yummy cheeses, plus some other charcuterie to make myself into yummy meals while my husband traveled.  They also had a great selection of breads, chocolates and other neat items. I’d usually be in at least once a month and it was quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop.

I went by the other day to pick up some cheese and such since my husband was going to be away for a better part of the week, only to find the place totally empty. There was a note on the door, stating how they’d relocated to a co-op about an hour away. I was devastated.

I walked away, sort of dazed and drove home empty-handed. In checking their website, I realized it was a better fit for the owners. I’m sure the co-op rent was far lower than what the shopping center they were in was charging. Still, it was incredibly disappointing because in the last few times

I’d been in the shop, the owner hadn’t said anything as a warning. I’d missed out on the moving sale, and my opportunity to say goodbye. It’s really unlikely that I’ll be driving the long distance to their new location, as I’m currently under a travel restriction anyway. But also, it’s incredibly inconvenient for something as frivolous as my cheese fix. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now, but at the moment, I’m in mourning.