It takes nearly a week for the replacement lenses to arrive for my glasses. Due to evening appointments, I’m not able to pick them up until the following Saturday. The office is relatively dead when I arrive, and the new lenses take only a few minutes to replace.

At first they feel a bit loose, so I ask the woman to tighten them up a bit. After a week of driving around with slightly blurred vision, the clear lenses are a sharp contrast of almost unsettlingly clear vision. It takes me a few minutes to adjust to them.

A few hours later, though, the frames still feel loose. My errands won’t allow me time to return to the office to rectify the matter that day, so I’ll have to make time next week. I rest the frames on the table and see that they’re just a little crooked, so when I turn my head downward, they slip off pretty significantly. I’m still not out of the woods, but I can at least drive at night without issue.