I’ve worn glasses since I took my first driving test eye exam and failed. Until then, I’d had no idea that the fuzzy, sometimes out-of-focus vision I had was anything other than normal. It explained a lot, though. Suddenly there was a name for the eye malformation that caused me to hold my papers and books about 5 inches from my face.

The astigmatism I had in one eye was compensated for by the good eye, but only for so long. Once I got glasses, which I was only told I needed for driving, I began to realize how helpful they were in the other aspects of my life, so I began to wear them all the time. It was great, not only because I could see, but because I could also have a permanent shield for my eyes.

This helped my irrational, albeit completely engulfing fear of being harmed in the eye. I still couldn’t look at the pointy end of pencils, knives or that “just right” perspective of the edge of paper when it was pointed at me, but I was getting somewhere. Plus, wearing glasses was totally a socially acceptable thing, unlike entire helmets which would only draw more attention to the problem.

Imagine my distress, though, when I went to put my glasses on the other day, and they snapped down the middle in my hands. The plastic frames, dark red selection that was both bold and suited to me, in spite of my classically leaning aesthetic, were less than a year old when they finally just gave out. I was devastated, and frankly a little panicked about how I was supposed to get to and from work that day, as they were my only pair. I did have a pair of prescription sunglasses, but that wasn’t going to cut it for long.

My husband still sleeping, and with his own work agenda in front of him, I went downstairs to try to repair them. I used a hot glue gun to put a tiny bead in the crack and piece them together. It held up okay, but I could tell it wouldn’t be for long. They barely stayed on my face so something would need to be done.

I managed to get to work that day just fine, but the eye doctor didn’t open until mid-morning. I had to hope they’d be able to outfit me with some kind of replacement. Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with someone who was extremely kind and sympathetic. The frames were luckily still under warranty and I qualified for a free replacement.

The lady said she would call around and try to find the same frame for me. They didn’t have it in stock at their store, but they might have it another shop. She called back a few hours later and had the exact frame on its way from another shop. They  would be ready at the end of the day. I stopped by on my way home and they were waiting for me. She swapped out the lenses and I was on my way. It was a total win where it could have been days or weeks for a replacement.