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There’s only one thing worse than being sick. It’s being 9 months pregnant and sick. I noticed a scratchiness in my throat a few nights ago, and it has since evolved to a lovely little head cold.

My usual approach to being sick is to feed my head with all manner of over the counter medications approved for my symptoms. I normally find a good balance between Theraflu and Tylenol Cold and Sinus, mixing in a steady diet of various juices and energy drinks to keep me focused and alert. It’s not an ideal situation, but it gets me through.

With a baby in my belly, this is no longer an option. I’m severely limited in the medications I can take, and even with those allowances, I’m still a bit gun shy about taking anything at all. I’ve conceded so far to the relatively banal acetaminophen every six hours, and have relied heavily on home remedies like nasal irrigation and humidifiers.

Still, with the various colors of my oozings changing by the day, I’m just a delight to be around. In addition to the mouth guard I was wearing to keep me from grinding my teeth, and the newly incorporated breathing strip on my nose to help deal with the snoring I’ve taken on, I’m also congested and miserable.

I wake up with a headache, probably from struggling to breathe all night long. In addition to the cramping in my hips due to laying on my side (because I have to), and the constant movement of the baby, I’m hardly getting any rest at all. I’m hoping this resolves in a few days, but I’m likely to be stuck in a worsening situation for at least a week before I get any kind of break at all. Yuck.