Being pregnant is like being on probation. Sure, it’s magical and all that, the tiny life growing inside you, completely screwing up your anatomy for the better part of a year. The hardest part for me has been the things I can’t do or have. Now that we’re entering the home stretch, I’m very much looking forward to enjoying some of the things I had to abstain from during the gestation process. I’ve outlined my top five things I can’t wait to do after baby comes:

  1. Drink! I miss alcohol. Being a brewer, there’s nothing I’ve enjoyed more after a long day than a nice cold pint or two. The inability to enjoy summer ales, fall spiced beers, and holiday beers has really weighed heavily on me. We also have some awesome wines that I’ve been eagerly looking forward to enjoying as well. Of course, with breastfeeding, this will need to be done with moderation and all that, but at least I’ll have the option now.
  2. Sushi! I haven’t been able to have any of my favorite raw fishes since I found out I was pregnant. My usual places have certainly noticed my absence. Sure I can have the cooked kind, but it doesn’t make me quite as happy as the raw tuna buzz I get after a sushi binge. Plus there’s some lovely things, like the spicy sashimi salad I get from the local Asian place that I’m hoping to dive into as soon as I’m able.
  3. Steak! I can still have steak, but it all has to be well-done. There are some cuts of steak where that’s just totally blasphemous to order, so I’ve been abstaining. I’m hoping to get myself some lovely filet mignon and grill it up to that beautiful reddish-pink inside in time for Valentine’s Day.
  4. Spa! I can have massages, but they have to be cleared by my doctor. However, things like facials and other treatments have been off the table since the summer. Ironically, the stress of the pregnancy has made me want to have these services done the most. However, the chemicals used make them strictly verboten. I’m definitely going to get back in the routine of doing them more often as soon as my little one is born.
  5. Sammiches! I’ve been on a restriction from certain foods that sort of make sense. The restriction from eating deli meats and salads has been less than clear. Lunch meat has shown up on several lists of forbidden foods, but the rationale has been shady at best. Some sources cite a risk of listeria, due to uncertain temperature control. Others cite the nitrates or some other higher amount of preservatives that are deemed unhealthy. This has been one of the more difficult ones to abstain from, because most catered lunches I’ve been to have nothing but these types of options. Once baby comes, I’m going to get a giant turkey sub with mayo and chow down!