This past holiday, we followed our family’s lead by creating wish lists on Amazon to make gift giving easier. Normally, we all go through the same issues, agonizing about what to get each other, and then defaulting to some form of gift cards. Not that I really mind, because I spend the cards on stuff I really want. But it was fun to pick out some items ahead of time, some stuff outside the realm of what I’d normally spend on myself. I was pleasantly surprised, at the end of the day, getting some nice stuff that I didn’t expect.

The only problem came Christmas morning. As my husband opened gifts that were sent down by his family, my heart sank in realizing that I had bought an identical item that had shown up as available for purchase as late as a week before Christmas. He was a sweetheart about it, saying that he would be quite happy to have two Chase Utley shirts, but that seemed a bit far fetched.

After opening a few of my gifts, I noticed that some of my wish list items showed up as unpurchased when I had them in hand. Not wanting to get duplicate things two giant beach umbrellas or two bread machines, I immediately deleted them. I’m confused at how these items could have been bought from the wish list without them showing up as removed. I’m guessing perhaps it was a glitch on Amazon’s end, or perhaps the list was used as a guide for other online shopping and just not removed after the fact.

Nonetheless, we’re now faced with the issue of trying to figure out how to return the extra shirt, which will lead to added shipping costs, not to mention hassle. If we go this route again in the future, I’m not sure if I’d buy items from the wish list again, since there’s no way to communicate to the other people about what they’ve already bought without ruining the surprise.