In the spirit of reflection, I thought I’d look back at the post I did for last year’s projected resolutions and see how I did.

Go horseback riding

I failed this one, this year. I had hoped to go horseback riding over the summer, but finding out I was pregnant ruined it. My doctor made this one of my restrictions, so I’ll have to wait for next year to make this one happen.

Make bread

I managed to do well by this resolution. I’ve posted many items under my recipe heading about my adventures in bread making. Some have been pretty successful, and with the Christmas gift of a new bread machine, I have a feeling I’ll be doing it a lot more.

Write every day

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been successful with this resolution. With baby on the way, I’m hoping to keep up the trend, but hopefully you’ll grant me some leeway should I miss a day or two. I’m not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have during labor, or if I’ll have time to focus on anything other than my little one once he arrives.

Get Maryland Blue Crabs

I was able to make this happen several times this year. We have a local crab place that does amazing crabs and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten my fussy eater husband in on the fun.

Golf ocean front

Unfortunately, I was able to do this in 2011, but not on 2012. My pregnancy and the subsequent travel restriction affected my golf game in a big way after the middle of my second trimester. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make this happen in 2013, but we’re looking into it.

Take vitamins every day

I fell off the wagon on this pretty early in the new year. However, once I became pregnant, the need to take the prenatal vitamin on a daily basis was obvious. I’ve been diligent about making sure this happens and will continue to do so after baby comes.

Lose 15 pounds

This is a goal I did achieve, but then baby came along and that went right out the window. Luckily my weight gain has been very minimal during my pregnancy. I’ve only put on about 25 pounds and with a few weeks left to go, I’m not sure I’ll have much more to gain. I’m hoping to take it all off in the new year, but am more focused on being kind to my recovering body, eating healthy and getting more exercise.

Do some work around the house

We did a LOT of work around the house once we found out the baby was coming. The spare room my husband used as an office became the baby’s room in short order, following a coat of paint, a carpet shampoo and some kickass new furniture. We also built a fence in our yard to keep the neighborhood kids at bay. My husband and his father managed to get it stained before the baby shower and it looks just amazing. We also converted the finished basement into an office for my husband, and did some lovely landscaping in the front yard. The only room left that could use some love is the master bedroom and the hallway could use a coat of paint. Maybe 2013 could have that in store, but who knows?

Take a class

When I wrote this resolution, I had hoped to take a class on bookkeeping or photography. But like the other resolutions, the baby’s arrival shifted things. Instead, I ended up taking a bunch of parent education classes, so we’ve technically fulfilled this one. We’ve got a few more that I’d like to do in the coming year, so we’ll have those to look forward to as well.

Be Happy!!

Ah, this one was the most important, but also the most difficult. While I can’t really say that I’m a “happy” person, I am more content with the work I’ve been doing in therapy, the changes I’ve been making in my personal life, and the acceptance I’m feeling that certain things (and people) simply are the way they are. I’m not sure if happiness is a final destination or more like a butterfly that flits in and out of your life as conditions allow. Still, I’m making strides to make my life better and in the long run, that’s really the spirit of the resolution to begin with.

For next year, I haven’t really laid out a formal list, but I’d like to accomplish the things I wasn’t able to this year. For example, the horseback riding thing needs to happen, as well as the golfing ocean front, but with a little one in tow, we’ll see. I’m definitely going to keep working towards that happiness, but will do so by making changes for my overall health and stop putting myself in situations where I know the outcome will be abusive or harmful.

I know for sure that I’m resolving to be a good mom and wife, to work towards finding a better work situation, and to do my best to feel good about myself. I’m going to continue my work in therapy, and establishing healthy and strong boundaries with the people in my life who need them. I’m going to look into more classes, this time with a focus on getting a better work situation and perhaps some self fulfillment. I’m also going to do some practical stuff, like exercise more, eat better, get some education on first aid and CPR for baby, and take better care of myself. If I do even half of that stuff, 2013 will be a kickass year!