Over the last week, I’ve been getting phone calls for someone named Dominique on my cell phone. A few of them are coming from the same line, a few have gone directly to voicemail, which gives my name and would clear up quickly any confusion about who they had reached.

Still, the calls persist. Additionally, text messages come in from some kind of spam. Even if I were attempting to find a payday loan service, I certainly wouldn’t go with a service that advertised to me via unsolicited text message. A few weeks prior I had been receiving others like this so I contacted my cell phone provider to block such things. So luckily, I won’t have to worry about being charged for them.

At the same time, I’m reminded of the time a young woman was giving out my number to guys she clearly wasn’t interested in and having to break the news to them. A few refused to believe it at first. I suppose that some guys are just that confident in their game.

While I was dealing with my Dominique problem, my husband was dealing with his own phone situation. Starting on Friday evening, he began to get wrong numbers calling his work cell phone for a pest control service. Calling the office to complain only redirected his call to his own number.

Finally, after dialing zero on the corporate 1-800 line, he got through to someone live. It took another returned calls on their part, but the calls eventually stopped for the time being.

As for Dominique, all is quiet on that front for the moment as well. I’m not sure if I’m out of the woods. There could still be more next week, so we’ll see. But, since the callers are not of the desperate would-be suitor, and more of the telemarketer ilk, at least they cope better with learning they have the wrong number.