One of my favorite places to eat is a little franchise called Moe’s Southwest Grill. They have unusual names for their menu items, I’m assuming most come from Seinfeld. Everything is custom made to order, and as you enter the restaurant, they are compelled to shout “Welcome to Moe’s!” which I find to be most awesome.

I like pretty much everything there, but my favorite thing to order has got to be the taco stack. It’s a large flour tortilla layered with cheese, then a crispy round shell. On top of that, you can get your choice of protein (I recommend their pulled pork) and beans (black or pinto), and a healthy dose of queso. Then you can add more stuff before another crispy round shell is placed on top. More cheese is added before the whole thing is folded up and grilled to perfection.

I stopped by the other day and realized they had paired up with Carvel Ice Cream. They have a variety of shakes and other awesomeness so you can get all the tasty treats of the taco stuff along with the sweet magic of ice cream. Last night I got the pork stack and a cookies & cream shake and was in uber caloric heaven for the evening.