As much as I complain about it, living in Delaware isn’t all bad. Being the “First State” had its advantages. There are some pretty neat historic areas, and during the holidays, they’re all decked out.

There’s a small town a few minutes away from where we live that has some cool historic buildings. The town has an event on the first Saturday of December where the historic homes and buildings are decorated and open for tours.

It just so happens that one of our favorite little restaurants is in a historic tavern on the main street and was grilling up some light fare on their outdoor patio. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous with highs near 60 degrees and so it was a great day to sit around. Mild winter weather is another bonus of living below the frost line.

Although we didn’t realize that tickets were necessary to see the inside of the historic homes, by the time we got down there, there were long lines to get into them. We decided to just hang out at the local tavern for a while, and do some people watching.

After a few minutes, a traditional Santa Claus with a full real beard wandered over for a snack. He seemed nice enough, but the “Mrs. Claus” and “Elf” that followed were the real prize. Mrs. Claus settled in to a nearby chair and immediately put on the foulest scowl I’ve ever seen. The Elf wasn’t much better.

I suppose being out in public in such a ridiculous get up would put some folks in a bad mood. I personally would hate it, but then again, I would never put myself in that kind of situation in the first place. Unless she was working off some parking tickets or a DUI, cranky Mrs. Claus had no reason to have the bad attitude.

Eventually, some older women who were sitting nearby asked her some questions about the home tours. Her retort, dripping with contempt and vitriol, was that this was her first year “doing this” and she had no idea. Even if you don’t know the answer, cranky pants, there’s no reason to snap at people who are putting a few bucks into your local economy. I was shocked to see how poorly she was behaving.

Santa figured it out pretty quickly, and although he was standing near the scowling beast in red and green velvet, you could tell he wanted nothing to do with her. The Elf, whose costume matched Cranky Claus, said nothing. I suppose he really didn’t have much to contribute, and looked incredibly out of place, in spite of the costume, which was pretty difficult considering.

After a while, the smoke from the outdoor fire pit shifted directions and was blowing directly in our faces. We decided to wander around and see if there was anything worth seeing that didn’t involve waiting in a long line. At the end of the street were signs for a Craft Fair, so we thought we’d check it out.

It took a bit to get there, as it was in a school with an almost completely hidden entrance. The fair was spread over four different rooms, none of them close together. There wasn’t a lot of items that were particularly of my interest, but we did get some homemade chocolate candy that was pretty tasty. We’d probably attempt to go again next year, but would go earlier and buy the tickets for the home tours.