I’ve been combatting some gnarly sinus symptoms lately. It has been a really bad year for allergy sufferers. The weather indicators for ragweed in the air have rarely dipped below the red or highest warnings. Half of the time, I’ve felt like my sinuses are going to explode.

There’s not much that I can do, aside from popping some Claritin and doing some nasal irrigation. Then my ears clog up too amid begin to wonder if I might be coming down with a three month cold instead. I’m considering getting my ears candled again.

The latest, most annoying development has been the leg and butt cramps. I’ve been shaken out of a solid sleep at least four times in the last month with Charlie horses and painful cramping in the muscles in my hips. I’ve tried stretching better and taking in more water, but nothing’s really helping. Tonight I tried a warm Epsom salt bath, so I’m hoping it will take edge off. I tell ya, though, this getting old nonsense is for the birds.