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I work in a corporate environment. It’s one where many of the Dilbert comics totally and completely apply. From the morons who use the subject line of their email for the entire message to the office warfare of microwaving seafood, there’s a gambit of idiocy that one must negotiate in order to survive with any semblance of sanity.

I can abide most things, but I’ll never grasp the need to use the “x” abbreviation when the whole word would just suffice. I mean, are you so busy that you need to use “cx” instead of what I assume you meant as “correction?” Or, god forbid you actually write out “thank you” instead of “tx.”

What perplexes me is that somewhere along the line, people decided to use algebra in language. It’s barely algebra, actually. Algebra has rules and consistency. Most of the time, I’m staring at a sentence trying to solve for “x.” The time that you saved in avoiding the literal five seconds to type out the whole word is make up in triplicate on my end trying deduce from the context to figure out what the hell you wrote.