Well, some of us will. The number of people eligible to vote in the United States when compared to those who will actually register and take part in the process is depressingly low. The numbers are even more depressing among people in my age group.

Amid the vicious attack advertisements for various candidates, it’s important to remember why we have a representative democracy to begin with. Although its been joked that democracy is the worst form of government, after all the others, living in a society where pretty much everyone has a voice is a pretty sweet deal. Considering that there are places in the world where people don’t have a voice, it’s important to me to exercise my right to vote.

Our founding fathers intended for our representation to be comprised of so many individuals because, among other things, someone in the room might be able to read. Sadly today we deal with other forms of ignorance. Consider the bell curve, and how stupid the average person is. Then, consider that half of the people out there are dumber than that. These are the folks who need representation too.

While we’re all entitled to our opinion, let’s be honest; some people’s opinions are very very stupid, not to mention misinformed, incredibly biased and totally self centered. This too is the promise of the American dream, the right to free speech, regardless of how idiotic. Considering the type of people who have the inflated ego and need for fame, recognition and lack self esteem, those idiots are just as happy to let someone else play hall monitor.

So, the rest of us are compelled to be informed and get out and vote. We do so in the hopes that we outnumber the idiots and keep the better candidates in office. And, while some times we can’t always win out, we do our best to tend the precious freedom and not take it for granted.