I want to nominate my cat, Ella, for President. I’m doing this not only because she’s cute, sweet and fuzzy, but because she would never allow anyone to run these horrible negative campaign ads on her behalf. And, anyone who would run against her would look like a complete jerk running a negative ad against a cute little cat.

Her platform would be kitty based, a cheezburger in every driveway and plenty of time for naps. She would woo our foreign enemies and allies alike with her sweet headbutts and calming trills as she settles into your lap. Her gentle kitty licks on your hand would lull even the most hardened politician into submission.

All she asks is that you shake the cat toy for her once a day, and open the doors that she can’t (because she doesn’t have thumbs). She doesn’t even have the heart to kill the bugs that get in the house, although she does toy with them a bit. She leaves the killing to her VP, Simcoe.

So, tomorrow, as we finally get a reprieve from the horrible ads and constant bombardment of election pandering, consider voting the Kitty for President ticket. It will make for a brighter fuzzier tomorrow with a nap time in the sunspot for all.