I spend a good portion of my day behind a desk. Having the ability to use my iPod makes a barely tolerable work environment survivable. Sometimes I’ll listen to my own music, but I’ve long been a fan of the Pandora app. I’ve been using it since the early days when it was the Music Genome Project, which was using user feedback to generate algorithms to create playlists.

Since then, the app has become a free service with ads. At first the ads weren’t terrible, just a few audio ads here and there, which I could deal with. Then, like anything ad related, they became steadily more obnoxious and more frequent.

One week, there was an ad for the cable network line up where the announcing was done in the style of a southern baptist preacher, which went over just great with the real baptist in the office next door. Another week was a video promotion of a barely tolerable cable show which ran so frequently, I actually turned the app off for the duration.

Then the banner ad came up, which gave me the option to subscribe monthly for $4.00 a month. I felt I could easily spend that much as I blow far more on far stupider things in a month. I must say, losing the ads makes the experience so much more enjoyable. The week without them has been awesome and I’m actually kicking myself that I hadn’t done it sooner. If you’re considering it, I highly recommend it.