Last year, I did the Halloween thing, opting to buy candy and generously give it out to the adorably dressed kiddies in my neighborhood. Overall, it was nice, with a few glaring disappointments. Looking back, I see the error of that logic was expecting kids to have been raised on Halloween the same way I was, with a certain respect for the appropriate protocol. However, that was sadly lacking in quite a few kids.

With the other conflicts we’d seen in the neighborhood over the summer, which included an influx of troublesome teenage boys who were responsible for some petty thefts and running around on an illegal motorcycle, I was understandably gun shy about Halloween. In the aftermath of the hurricane, the weather was noticeably colder and I really didn’t feel like dealing with the grocery store.

Of course, you can’t just not turn the light on outside these days. I’ve tried that in the past, and the little buggers still run up and ring the bell. You have to make it look convincing that you’re not home. So, I grabbed my laptop and my latest cross-stitch project and the remainder of the double stuff oreos and went into hiding in my bedroom. It kind of sucked, because the television upstairs is one of the older CRT models and the resolution sucks.

I pretty much stayed up there all night, leaving only to get a bit more substantial food for dinner (all while operating in near complete darkness). I feel badly, depriving the good kids of the candy they so deserve. But I couldn’t guarantee that I could behave myself and not tell off the kids who didn’t come in costume, say trick-or-treat or thank you. So, I took myself out of the game this year.