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The weather service has issued a serious hurricane warning for our area. As it stands now, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down with the full intention of ruining my day. As the models show, the storm will be much worse than last year’s storm, which hit in August over a weekend and knocked power out for about day or so.

This storm hits during high tide, has been charged up by an additional weather system across the midwest, and will make a sharp left turn over the area where we live for a direct hit. Winds are expected to be anywhere from 60-80 miles an hour and the rain will be a long and steady downpour while the storm slowly moves across the region and then north.

Some areas nearby have been evacuated, but we are a bit further inland. As of this moment, we are expected to shelter in place and wait the storm out. In all likelihood, we’ll probably see some flooding and lose power for a day or so. It will make life a bit complicated with regards to work, but overall, I’m absolutely certain we’ll manage.

Last year’s storm did some water damage, but that’s been sealed up. It’s not likely that we’ll have flooding inside the house, but if we do, we’ll cope with that as it comes. What we’re not doing is panicking, because it does us absolutely no good. So, while I have to accept that the next few days will be interesting, I’m doing my best to cope with it as it comes.